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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005
9:28 pm - Knappuccino's Coffeehouse: Saturday, 2/26!

Knappuccino's Coffeehouse: Saturday, 2/26!Collapse )

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Friday, January 21st, 2005
6:30 pm - Knappuccino's Coffeehouse Cancelled for 1/22!

Hi folks--

The nice people at the National Weather Service tell me that there's gonna be 10-12 inches of snow slugging us by Saturday night. Whoa!

So, the coffeehouse is cancelled. Besides, I'm not sure Matt Hearn would be recovered from his birthday hangover by then anyway. ;-)

Please be safe out there, or, better yet, stay in. Go stock up on hot cocoa while you can, and get snowed in with a good book and flannel PJs.

See you all on AIM tomorrow... haha! :-)

We'll back in full force in February!

Stay warm--


serving hot java and smart tunes
since May, 2003

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Thursday, November 18th, 2004
1:26 am - Knappuccino's Coffeehouse: 11-20-04

Greetings, all!

What a difference a month makes, huh?

Last month I told you all about my plans to move westward, but this month I'm telling you about my plans of staying put for now.  I heard that Pat was crying like a schoolgirl when he found out I was going, so I just had to stay.  I mean, I've got priorities!

(oh, and a new job.)

With that said, we've got a great lineup for you this month, with two newcomers to our stage.  Woohooo!  Fresh meat!

7:30pm:  Opening the night is Briz, who is a seasoned singer / songwriter / string player with a style that's been compared to old Springsteen, Dylan and Neil Young.  Way, way cool. 

8:15pm: Another newcomer: the super-rockin' Ken Shiles Band.  I've had about 8976234876 people ask me "So, when is Kenny Shiles gonna be playing here?"  So this is the month!

9:00pm: Brian Turner, the Knappuccino's muse, closes up the night.  He's asked for two mics, so he's up to something... we just don't know WHAT. 

What th' : Knappuccino's Coffeehouse - a quiet, mindful venue for singers & songwriters to play their original (or mostly original) material to people who genuinely listen. (What a concept!) 

When th' : Saturday, November 20th, 2004. Doors open at 7:00pm and the music starts at 7:30. [Please arrive so you can be in your seat in time for the first performer to start. It's kinda like a concert.] 

Where th' : In the funky front foyer of St. David's Episcopal Church in north Wilmington, kinda by Stanley's.  Directions are on the Knappuccino's website. (http://www.knappuccinos.com) 

Why th' : It breaks my heart to see talented singers / songwriters struggling to be heard/acknowledged over loud bar patrons and not getting the mindful attention their music deserves. 

Cashola?: $5 cover charge, and food/beverages are a dollar or so. Where can you find a cheaper date? 

Eats?: Yummy treats (coffee, tea, cold beverages, pastries, home- baked goodies, and maybe even something healthy) are provided on the cheap as always by Kathy B. and her loyal minions.  We don't serve alcohol, but "adult beverages" can be enjoyed at the post-show revelry at Stanley's. :-) 

What entrance to use?: The side entrance, by the parking lot.

For more info: Visit http://www.knappuccinos.com

Hope to see you there!

-- Jill


December, 2004: Due to Christmas falling on a Saturday (and to avoid the temptation of performers singing holiday songs), we're skipping December's coffeehouse. 

However, in lieu of a Knappuccino's, get your fantastic music fix by going to a one-weekend-only encore presentation of Pink Floyd's THE WALL on December 10th and 11th at the Baby Grand Theater on Market Street in Wilmington.  Joe Trainor's amazing 10-piece musician collective presents this electrifying incredible album in its entirety, with special effects galore and 80,000 metric tons of ROCK.  Tickets for The Wall are sale now and are going like hotcakes.  Seriously: do not wait to buy them at the door!  For tickets, call Baby Grand box office: (302) 652-5577.  (Note that tickets for The Wall aren't available on the Grand Opera website; only through the phone or by stopping by the box office in person.)

January 22, 2005: We're back on with an SWWWW (Songs We Wish We Wrote) show. So far. we've got: Joe Testa, Matt Casarino, Brian Turner, Frank Bartkowski, Pat Nakajima and Joe Trainor. I've got ONE open slot left (as of 10-28-04), so submit your setlist now by clicking here!


Hey, if you're broke (or just really cheap like me), why not give a loved one a Knappuccino's gift certificate? They're five bucks each and they get your pal in the door. And because I respect your cheapdom, the cash amount never appears on the certificate... so only you and I will know that you didn't spend eleventy-billion dollars on your sweetheart / boss / pal. (I've got your back, yo.) 

To order gift certificates, see me at a show or send me the fundage using PayPal (knapp@knappuccinos.com), making sure you note your mailing address and the number of gift certificates you'd like in the comments section. 


[] If you would like to be removed from this distribution list, just reply and let me know. No hard feelings, I promise. :-) 

[] As always, apologies to the sushi, philadel and JCS dist list members who may receive multiple copies of this... there's lots of people overlap on those lists. 

Hope you see you at the next show!


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Monday, October 18th, 2004
12:40 am - Knappuccino's Coffeehouse: 10-23-04

Knappuccino's: 10-23-04: with Paul Wentworth, Brene Wilson and Christopher TurnerCollapse )

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Monday, September 27th, 2004

I'm not quite as creative as Willy Wonka so there will be no golden ticket contest to  search for a Knappuccino's Apprentice (a knapprentice?).  However, I still need one. 

Are you decent with details and easygoing? 
Are you typically free on Knappuccino's weekends? 
Do you have a reliable computer that you can access often?
Interested in helping the Knappuccino's cause as a volunteer?

Duties include helping set up the performance space each month, advertising the gigs, maintaining the mailing list, writing snarky emails, attracting new performers and other stuff.  Drop me an email and tell me why you're the right person for the job.  (knapp att knappuccinos dottt commm)

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